Starting on the 1st, we will all make minimum wage

Over the past six weeks, a lot of people have complained about the fact that delivery drivers do not earn minimum wage… The two of us have been earning $8 an hour, because we also make tips.

That is the same wage as a waitress or a server; On a slow evening with disappointing weather, the tips might not equal minimum wage and that means some of us are laboring for peanuts.

The employees complained to the manager and brought up the problems while I was in the bi-weekly staff meeting. The owner told the manager that he would take our issues into account, however i truthfully did not guess that we would see more cash, because minimum wage is $13 an hour and that is a big pay jump for someone that isn’tpaying much at all. To our surprise, the owner of the dispensary told everyone that the delivery drivers will start earning minimum wage on the first of next week. There are a couple of things that are going to change, however none of them are anything major! All of the delivery men are not responsible for stocking shelves before they can leave at the end of the evening. The men have to work every weekend in order to qualify for the higher pay rate. The only way the owner could get the wage approved from the investors is to use the higher wage as an increased bonus for laboring every weekend, however you get more cash if you sacrifice your weekends. If you ask me, the pay raise has a lot more positive aspects than disadvantage aspects.



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