Switching from flower to vapes

I have typically been an avid user of cannabis flower products.

I am official with smoking plus it’s something I’ve typically been comfortable with.

There are all kinds of strains available, plus I enjoy smoking more than I enjoy the use of edibles. I find that the high that edibles supply can be too overwhelming for me, however, I recently switched from flower products to vaping. I’ve found that I truly easily enjoy using the vape. The thing that I enjoy the most about it is that vaping is easy to do in public. I don’t have to worry about lighting a joint or packing a bowl, I can just take a quick puff. It is more discrete plus accessible than smoking cannabis flower, however not to mention, it fits right in our wallet. I also truly enjoy the flavors of the many oil cartridges. I find that it leaves a more refreshing taste in our mouth than the after taste of smoke. I also think as though it is just a cleaner hit. The one disadvantage to using the vape over flower is that it can be a little more costly. I also find that vape has a stronger effect on me than smoking cannabis flower does. I can take fewer hits plus think a stronger high. Overall, this switch has been truly great for me.

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