The customer ordered lots of items from the online menu

The online order form for the marijuana dispensary is set up in a unique way.

Customers can add any items to the cart that they want.

If the customer reaches the daily threshold, the cart will automatically close and you are no longer able to add anything to the shopping cart. The first time I ordered from the dispensary, I didn’t know that was the rule. Items in my order kept disappearing and I was getting incredibly frustrated. I called the marijuana dispensary and I was on hold for 15 minutes before someone came to the phone. The lady on the phone told me about the online order form and how the cart worked. Since then, I have always gone to the dispensary to pick out my products. It just seems easier to have someone manage my order so I don’t have to. I went to the dispensary last Saturday when everything in the store was on sale. I thought the lobby would be very busy, but there were only a couple of people waiting when I arrived around 10 in the morning. I went right back to the pharmacy area and talked with a budtender. The woman told me about all of the daily specials. We were having an intense conversation about sativa and hybrid marijuana strains when someone interrupted our conversation. The older guy was complaining about coming to the dispensary. He wanted to order online but the shopping cart was broken. I wondered if he was having the exact same problem that I had several months previously.


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