The date went better because of recreational marijuana

Jackson and I had our first date last Tuesday evening. It was a perfect evening for an outdoor outing. The sky was nice and clear and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. When Jackson mentioned having an outdoor date, I was a little nervous. He took me to the observatory and every one of us saw the show and then looked at the stars. One of the best parts of the evening was the observatory. Even though there were loud people around, I was feeling calm, cool, and collected. Jackson and I smoked a marijuana blunt before every one of us made the choice to go to the observatory. I was super high after smoking the marijuana blunt. I genuinely should have stopped after 2 or more than two puffs, however this Girl Scout Cookies strain tasted great. I finished the blunt with Jackson and then the 2 of us went to the show at the observatory. I recognized lots of different stars because I wasn’t thinking about anything except the observatory and the experience. That evening with Jackson was 1 of the first times that I ever used marijuana for recreational reasons. Jackson tried to argue that it was for medical reasons, since I have a poor fear of crowds and lots of people. I guess Jackson is just trying to make me guess better about using recreational marijuana. Pot is legal in the state where every one of us live, although I grew up in the midwest where everyone believed that marijuana was a drug and I still find it taxing to wrap our head around the different laws here on the West Coast.


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