The dispensary has 1 or 2 sales each week

My preferred marijuana dispensary in town has at least 1 peculiar sale each week.

On Tuesdays, the dispensary will offer 20% off all flower products in the store.

The store includes everything flower-related in the sale. All of the top shelf marijuana flower products are included plus all of the pre-rolls. Even the upscale infused pre-rolls are 25% off. The other day I learned that there is another sale on Saturdays. On Saturdays, every item in the store is 20% off. Saturday have become our number one day to order from the marijuana dispensary. I don’t usually go to the shop, because it is so busy with pickups and walk-in orders. I enjoy to order online and getting the items delivered to our home. Last Saturday I ordered $200 worth of marijuana products from the local dispensary. I saved a bundle of currency and I used the savings to order pizza for dinner. I ordered a big bag of marijuana and a big cheese pizza just for me. I was getting ready to eat our pizza and smoked up all of the weed, when a friend of mine knocked on the door. The guy lives downstairs in another apartment. He had a confrontation with his lady and he wanted to chill out with myself and others for a while. He came at the perfect time, especially since I had a huge cheese pizza on the table and I was getting ready to smoke the fat joint in our hand. Jack hung around our house for a couple of hours before he went back to his lake house to apologize to his old lady.


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