The importance of customer service in a dispensary

I pride myself on having excellent customer service.

  • It was the first thing I was taught in the retail business, and it has served me well for years.

Back then I worked in a bookstore, one of three such stores in that shopping mall. With three bookstores in walking distance, my boss said the only way we would keep people coming back is with excellent customer service. Make every client feel appreciated, and they will return. That was almost twenty years ago, and all of those bookstores are long out of business. However, the lessons I learned there are still helping me at the cannabis dispensary where I have been working the last six months. This is one of six different cannabis dispensaries in town, so just like with the bookstore situation, we need to stand out with our customer service skills. Although there are different brand names in different stores, all of the dispensaries carry more or less the same kinds of cannabis. People can find what they want in any of these cannabis dispensaries, but they can’t find such great attention to detail and service like we offer here. At my cannabis dispensary the customer is king, and we treat every client like royalty. This is exactly the sort of treatment I would want to get in a cannabis dispensary, so I know people will respond to it. It may take some time, but I believe that through word of mouth and customer retention we will ultimately become the biggest cannabis dispensary in town. The others can eat my dust!