The packaging plant tried to gouge me on prices

Packaging is a substantial expense for my business, but i own and manage a medical marijuana business that extracts cannabis to make RSO; The RSO products are available in a number of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state; Each day the factory harvests 200 lb or more of live resin concentrate products.

Each single gram of the live resin product has to be packaged in a container.

Every one of us have been using glass containers for our live resin product for the past few years, but last week I got an email from the business and they stated that prices would be going up on the first of the year. I really cannot afford to pay any more for the packaging on the RSO products. The requested increase would raise my energy bills by $1,700. That really cuts into the profit of the business. I spoke with a marijuana advertising consultant about the concern with the containers. I asked the medical marijuana advertising consultant if she could offer any additional insight into the problem. The marijuana advertising consultant asked if I thought about using a product other than glass. I did not want to package the live resin concentrate in wax or parchment paper. The best way to ship the items was inside of a glass container, once the advertising consultant realized that I needed glass, he started looking for a manufacturer close to apartment that could supply the glass jars for a lower price than the manufacturer that I was already using. I was happily surprised when the consultants found a glass blowing business that was willing to make all of the jars for $0.15 each instead of $0.32 each


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