Too much cannabis to choose from!

I am an old fashioned guy trying to adapt to the latest advances.

Ever since I was in high school I liked smoking weed.

It was illegal, but never very hard to find. I bought from random people over the years, just a nickel bag here or a dime bag there. In college I got a regular dealer and that made things a lot easier. I could just swing by his place, grab a bag, and go about my day. For the last decade or so, that has been my routine, but now that there is a local cannabis dispensary I want to give it a try. My problem is that I get overwhelmed by all of the products, because I just want a bag of cannabis to take home and smoke. Remember me saying I was old fashioned, well that means I don’t really want edibles, or a vape pen, or whatever “shatter” is. Even buying a sack of cannabis is complicated, because the budtenders always pepper me with questions about my smoking preferences. I never know what to say – my preference is to get stoned out of my gourd on tasty cannabis, and that’s about it! I want the most bang for my buck, so I have to tell them to hook me up with the powerful cannabis strain they have. But they ask me sativa or indica? bubble gum or grape? And I start to lose my patience! Whenever I find a brand of cannabis that I really like it always seems like they discontinue it. Just my luck!



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