Using a CBD topical

I am a soccer player and in my late twenties.

I am not competing or anything, just doing it for fun. It is a great workout and I love working towards a fitness goal. They say soccer peaks at age 20. I am trying to prolong my athletic career as much as possible. I keep up with stretching and all my drills so I don’t get afraid and lose them. Since I am older though, I am more prone to injury. I don’t have the speed or have the strength anymore. I also am more likely to overdo it because I don’t want to lose a drill. I tend to overcompensate. I frequently have sore muscles after a long work out. At first I would take a hot shower, rub some icy hot on the soreness and maybe ice later in the afternoon. It never particularly did much for me. I then heard from a neighbor that also is a fitness buff that topicals are the way to go. At the cannabis dispensary near myself and others they had a whole line of topicals to choose from. At first I was worried since I would be buying a cannabis product. I didn’t want to get high in the afternoon. I still wanted to work, focus and be productive. I am not a fan of just being high while doing other things. I found there are topicals like a patch that has THC that goes directly into the bloodstream. However, there are creams and lotions that are just CBD topicals. There is nothing in the product to get you high. All it does is reduce inflammation and help the pain in your body. That was exactly what I wanted.

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