Using topical cannabis products for the first time

I grew up with severely sensitive skin. Getting sun burnt the first few times was absolutely miserable, as I’m someone that gets a skin condition called “devils itch” whenever my skin is exposed to enough sunlight for enough time. I experienced for the first time at three years old when I ventured outside alone without a shirt and was in direct sunlight for roughly an hour before my parents found me playing in the sandbox behind our house. It was a horrifying experience because the initial pain from the sunburn during the first day was barely anything compared to the pain I felt two days later once the blistered skin progressed in its healing process. Unfortunately for myself and those like me, this healing process is akin to getting stabbed repeatedly by hot needles, especially if I make the mistake of getting a bad sunburn on my back of all places. My mom urged me to wear sunscreen whenever I was out, but I resisted as I got older because of my insecurity with being pale skinned and wanting to get a sun tan. Nowadays I am smart about my sunscreen, and I went as far recently as trying a brand new sunscreen product that I’m already loving. It’s a sunscreen that is infused with both THC and CBD oil to give the wearer a medicated experience while enjoying some time outdoors under the sun. It’s an SPF 50 sunscreen so it works really well at protecting skin from the intense sun rays that my region gets every year. I love the calming effect it has on my body as well.


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