Weed helps me feel less pain so I can walk further

My doctor recommended using medical marijuana and the two of us felt that it could absolutely help to ease much of the discomfort that we feel.

Every one of us were not expecting our medical provider to suggest using marijuana products, but the person opened up a whole world of possibilities. The two of us we’re taking a ton of medication and the two of us did not want to take a bunch of pain pills. Natural medication sounded like a really good idea. The two of us had to use a walker and a cane to get around. The physical therapist was mentioning the possibility of a wheelchair and I did not want to be dependent on anyone. The two of us did not want to walk without the aid of helpful assisted devices. Medical pot was the next thing that we could do to help with the pain & gain more Independence. This was easily one of the biggest considerations for me. The doctor suggesting the use of medical marijuana absolutely made the two of us believed that getting our medical marijuana card was the most ingenious idea. It has easily been numerous years since the two of us began using medical marijuana frequently. It is easy to see that medical marijuana works. I saw a lot of people the truth when I say discuss the possibility that all of us will be using medical marijuana in the future to help us move better and feel more limber. That will help a lot overall for my health.



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