When sales dropped 3 weeks in a row, the two of us needed help

Having a recreational marijuana dispensary is not easy, but it took almost a year before I was approved for the licensing & permits. I had to hire a marijuana business consultant to help myself and others fill out the paperwork respectfully. I tried to fill out paperwork on our own various times & both times that application was sent back to myself and others for being filled out imrespectfully. The last time the business license was returned, I was at the end of our rope; Luckily, I found a cannabis consulting service that gave myself and others a free consultation. The lawyer was legitimately knowledgeable on all subjects pertaining to medical & recreational marijuana! He instantly noticed the mistakes with our application. He also told myself and others a couple of ways that I could make the application sit out. That guy was entirely good at what he did, so I hired him to help myself and others fill out all of the paperwork & applications. The permit service did not return our paperwork again. The next letter I got from the courthouse was an approval letter for the business license. I had the consulting services to help for good luck. Things were going entirely well in the shop until last quarter. I suppose the complication is competition. I used to be the only medical & recreational marijuana dispensary in town. In the past year, various more dispensaries opened & they have relatively lower prices than I do. I spoke with the cannabis consultant again when marketing & sales seemed to be problematic. The lawyer put myself and others in touch with a marketing firm that recognizably handles dispensaries & marijuana products. They send a person to the store to look at the building, displays, & all of the products I have available.

Marketing service