You can save a lot of money shopping the cannabis dispensary sales

My kids claim that it’s embarrassing, but there’s nothing wrong with utilizing coupons to their fullest extent at every store where you can find them. I have knocked off upward to 40% of my shopping bill just from clipping coupons. Thankfully these days a lot of the coupons are digital and directly tied to someone’s customer rewards account. This bypasses the need for the cashier to manually scan each and every coupon at the end of the transaction. I will look through the digital coupons at each store before I make my lists for shopping that particular day. My efforts are almost always rewarded when I discover a product that I love is 30% off or more. I learned recently that the grocery store is not the only place that is constantly running sales and offering coupons. I’m a medical marijuana patient and struggle to afford my medicine like anyone else in the current economy. There are a few medical marijuana dispensaries that run rotating sales on various products in the store. Last week there was a sale that said you’d get 40% off of your order if you spent at least $150 before applying the discount. That knocked $60 right off my order immediately, which is fantastic savings. Some states force their medical marijuana patients to pay state taxes on all cannabis sales regardless of whether or not they have a recreational market working in conjunction with the medical market. I feel lucky that I live in a state where medical marijuana patients are not taxed when they make purchases at the medical marijuana dispensary.


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