Cannabis drinks are my ticket to a good time

I don’t blame my parents for screwing up my lungs so badly, because they didn’t guess any better, we are all aware that secondhand smoke is dangerous to all the people, especially to children, smoke can damage their scarce lung tissue, and give them asthma or any number of other breathing problems! Back then things were different, and a lot of parents smoked around their youngsters, but like I said, I don’t blame them because they were ignorant, it is still a bummer sometimes, because I have always wanted to get high, I will never be able to smoke medical cannabis without having an asthma attack, so instead I decided to try using medical cannabis edibles instead, my first attempt was with medical cannabis gummies, plus I made the mistake of eating too many. I ate one and felt nothing, so I took the rest of the package. Cannabis gummies take a few minutes, maybe as long as a half hour, to set in, so when they hit they hit hard plus I went right to sleep. My next attempt was with cannabis drinks, because I wanted to just sip slowly and not go too far like I had previously, but the cannabis drinks were my ticket to a nice time, because I would crack open a can plus slowly doctor throughout the afternoon. I had the most mellow, low-key buzz, and after that I knew that cannabis drinks would be a common fixture in my fridge from then on! I’ve exhausted all the cannabis drinks now, plus by far my favorite is the green herbal tea.

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