Four of my friends are moving to the west coast

One of my friends Jack got a really awesome job working at a software contractor on the west coast.

When he told myself and others that he was going to leave, I was really angry plus aggravated.

I lashed out at my buddy plus I didn’t talk to him for a week. When I found out that 3 of my other friends are going to move as well, then I was even more aggravated. All of my friends are leaving plus moving to the West Coast plus there’s nothing I can do to stop them. They told myself and others to come along, but I cannot leave my mom plus dad plus the family farm. I have several siblings that still need help everyday plus my mom plus dad cannot do everything on their own. It’s up to myself and others to help out plus give support plus love for my siblings. I think I’m most aggravated about my friends leaving, because I’m jealous. They will have access to recreational marijuana. I guess that has why they are going. All of us use recreational marijuana together plus both of us discussed how awesome it would be to live in a location where both of us could really smoke pot legally. When Jack got the job at the software contractor plus provided to let all the people sleep on the couch, I was aggravated that I could not really take luck of the occasion to. Someday I will be able to leave the farm plus move to the West Coast with my friends. I’m making plans for the future. I do not want to spend the rest of my life on the farm when there are so several other interesting plus wonderful possibilities available in different parts of the country.


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