Four of our friends are moving to the west coast

Someday I will be able to leave the farm & transport to the West Coast with our friends

One of our friends Jack got a legitimately awesome job toiling at a software supplier on the west coast. When he told myself and others that he was going to leave, I was legitimately miserable & upset. I lashed out at our associate & I didn’t talk to him for a week. When I found out that more than two of our other friends are going to transport as well, then I was even more upset. All of our friends are leaving & moving to the West Coast & there’s nothing I can do to stop them. They told myself and others to come along, however I cannot leave our mom & Mom & the family farm. I have 2 siblings that still need help everyday & our mom & Mom cannot do everything on their own. It’s up to myself and others to help out & supply support & like for our siblings. I suppose I’m most upset about our friends leaving, because I’m jealous. They will have access to recreational marijuana. I know that’s why they are going. All of us use recreational marijuana together & we discussed how awesome it would be to live in a locale where we could legitimately smoke pot legally. When Jack got the job at the software supplier & gave to let most people sleep on the couch, I was upset that I could not legitimately take fortune of the option to. Someday I will be able to leave the farm & transport to the West Coast with our friends. I’m making plans for the future. I don’t want to spend the rest of our life on the farm when there are so many other interesting & good openings available in weird parts of the country.


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