Hiring a cannabis consultant since our business is losing currency

I noticed that our cannabis dispensary wasn’t making the currency I thought it should, and i couldn’t identify what the problem was though.

I talked to our budtenders and our manager at the store… Nobody could entirely identify the problem.

People were quick to point the finger of blame at someone else though. I realized that I needed an unbiased opinion brought into the store, however thankfully there are cannabis consulting services around, and a cannabis consultant is a professional that can handle the planning, permitting, licensing, packaging and distribution for a cannabis dispensary. They are an unbiased eye that can look at the ins and outs. A lot of people use a marijuana consulting service to do their dirty work. If you need someone fired, congested or to make some hard decisions, they are the a singles to call. The cannabis consultant I hired was excellent, however she took a look at our books and entirely grasped how the store runs. I was entirely upset I was going to need to fire employees. That wasn’t the issue at all! My recreational marijuana business consultant entirely proposed that I offer more services. She said that the competition all provided curbside occasion up and that was hurting me, but everyone had to come in store if they wanted cannabis products. She said I wasn’t utilizing online customers and that was why the business wasn’t making as much currency. It was such a relief and the cannabis consultant helped myself and others set up curbside occasion up. It didn’t take him any time and was worth the currency I spent on him.

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