Homegrown weed versus medical cannabis

My older brother taught me how to grow weed.

The summer before he moved away, he spent weeks showing me how to tend to his plants. He had a little patch of marijuana way out in the woods, on the edge of our property, and he had worked it for years. Now he was handing it off to me, and wanted me to have the skills and knowledge to keep it thriving. Eric was so proud of his cannabis plants, and I was proud to take over this grand tradition. That was two years ago, and now we have a legal medical cannabis dispensary in town, so I’m not sure why I should keep tending these plants. Have you ever been to a medical cannabis dispensary before, these places are amazing! Hundreds of medical cannabis products, not just buds but edibles, drinks, and topical creams. I feel like a kid in a candy store, especially in the rack of candy infused with medical cannabis! As much as I value what my brother gave to me, it does involve a 30 minute walk through the woods, as opposed to a 5 minute drive to the medical cannabis dispensary. Out in the woods there is just the one kind of weed, and it’s not that great compared to the boffo products available at the cannabis dispensary. The only major obstacle is the price, because the cannabis in the woods is always free, and a trip to the cannabis dispensary is going to set me back a couple hundred bucks at the very least.

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