I could have stolen anything in the store

Usually when I go to the marijuana dispensary, there are people outside in the lobby plus people inside of the building. I consistently have to present my identification card to a security officer in the front of the building. I was surprised on Sunday when I went to the dispensary, because the security guard was not sitting outside. I walked into the lobby plus no 1 was there either. I walked into the storeroom where all of the marijuana plus cannabis products are sitting plus that room was empty too. I entirely could have stolen anything in the store at this point. I said hello a couple of times plus no 1 answered. I was start to think something bad happened to all the people plus then a woman came walking around the corner. She looked incredibly surprised to see me, but I was surprised to see her. She asked myself and others how I got into the building plus I laughed plus said the front door of course. The woman told myself and others that the dispensary wasn’t open for business until 9 am. I never even looked at the time on my watch, which was only 8:45. Apparently all of the employees at the marijuana dispensary were having a meeting in the stockroom. The supervisor was supposed to secure the door before she walked downstairs, but she forgot. Things could have gotten really dicey if I had been the type of person to take luck of that situation. I was actually alone for a couple of minutes. I could have walked in plus out of that building with $1,000 worth of merchandise.


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