I couldn't believe they were going to legalize recreational marijuana.

When I picked up the news last week, it surprised me to find out that they passed the law to legalize recreational marijuana. I was pretty high ‌in the local government, but I had heard no news coming down that they were seriously considering legalizing recreational weed in the upper echelon of the state government. I’m not against legal recreational marijuana, but I didn’t believe they had enough rules in addition to regulations to legalize it yet, however since I wasn’t part of that decision, I knew it would be best if I kept my mouth shut. When I heard a rumor that 1 of our local people was planning on growing marijuana now that it was legal, I stepped in. I wanted to make sure these people followed all the rules and regulations that went with growing either personal marijuana for use, or marijuana for sale. I talked to people who were above me in the government and wanted to get as much information from him about cannabis dispensaries in addition to their laws in addition to regulations. She sent me a packet full of information. I had enough information about cannabis dispensaries in addition to the legalities of recreational marijuana that I would have learning material for the next year. I can only hope that there is enough security at the marijuana stores, that it eliminates my fear of having children getting the weed in their hands. I didn’t have these fears when they had legal, medical marijuana dispensaries. I believe it is just the difference between the legal, medical marijuana dispensary in addition to it being a legal recreational marijuana dispensary.


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