I do not love to spend my morning without weed

I never smoked a lot of marijuana when I was younger.

I grew up believing that marijuana was bad, everyone in my family talked about it love it was a drug and people that smoked marijuana were stoners, then you did not want to associate with those kinds of people. When people had the drug at parties, I definitely did not smoke any of the hits of marijuana, now I do not love to spend a single morning without weed. Weed is my number one way to relax and unwind. I frequently relax and unwind, because my task is super stressful. I used to deal with that stress in poor ways, however I have found a way to channel all of that energy into something positive. Marijuana helps a good deal. I would not have considered using medical marijuana, but my dentist assured me that it was safe and necessary. The first time I ever smoked a marijuana joint, I felt a little paranoid. I thought the dentist lied to me about the effects. Then I fell asleep for 8 fourths and I slept better than I had in years. The more frequently I used marijuana, the less I felt the high feeling. The effects from marijuana made me feel more mellow and even instead of high and paranoid. I know it must be love that with other drugs as well. Marijuana has actually changed my life and I can’t imagine spending a single morning without being able to toke up. Even when I go on trip, I consider marijuana before I make my decision. There is actually no way I’m going to go anywhere for 5 mornings or more unless I have plenty of medical marijuana supplies.

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