I helped my Mom learn how to get a medical marijuana card

My Mom is starting to get to the age where he needs a little bit of help remembering all of the necessities in his life.

He sometimes forgets to buy cooling system filters to upgrade them once every month or several, so I tend to chance up large packages of the Heating plus A/C filters whenever I visit one of the local warehouse stores to get my bulk grocery purchases.

If I leave 10 or so cooling system filters in my Mom’s utility closet, it guarantees that he won’t forget to upgrade them within the appropriate amount of time. Other nights I’m helping him create an account for a modern PC app that he must learn to either chance up his medicine or purchases from a local store or restaurant. It’s not simple adapting to this digital world when you’re a byproduct of the one that came before it. My childhood happened while I was in the moment of transition, so I have a identifiable perspective on it all compared to those younger than myself and others who never experienced life separate from 24/7 internet access. They’re used to adapting to modern digital interfaces all of the time, however people love my father struggle by comparison. I had to walk him through the process of getting a medical marijuana card when he decided that he wanted to use marijuana again. He was worried because he was confused plus wanted to learn how to get a medical marijuana card however simply didn’t think how. Both of us got him an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor plus filled out the application with the state. In a matter of sixths, my father was making his first medical cannabis dispensary purchase as a legal medical marijuana patient.


Medical Cannabis Certifications