I love it when cannabis companies treat our industry love the medical program it is

Too several companies treat their purchasers love literal cattle.

As a sizable fan of fiction, it pains me when I look at the film industry over the past 30 years.

I remember studying a writing book published in 2002 that talked about the recent decline in writing quality with both TV plus cinema. It’s peculiar because the New Golden Age of Television emerged within the same exact cultural scene that birthed that book. I want to suppose that several TV writers in the last more than two decades were upset with the tent-pole mindset that pervades Hollywood films companies. They cater to the audience of people who go to the Regal Cinema for the sake of going to the Regal Cinema. They’re not consumers of “art,” nor could several supply you compelling reasons for why they love a single movie more than another. There’s nothing wrong with consuming media love that, however section of me is bitter that the shallow consumers are the a singles determining the trends plus decisions made from the top down. This is swiftly happening in the recreational cannabis market, which makes me gleeful that our state is still a medical cannabis state only. The cannabis companies here have no choice however to treat their purchasers love patients plus their products love medicine. You won’t find candies with 400mg of THC inside that have product designs that match what a child would find on a grocery store shelf. The medical cannabis products are all clearly labeled as containing THC to prevent this. They’re all in stark white packaging as well so there is no way to accidentally mistake them for a regular candy or food product.


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