I wanted the whole weekend off work

Working at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary isn’t a very difficult job.

I earn a good wage and I have medical and dental benefits.

I also have vision and I wear glasses. Any person with poor vision would tell you how much money you can save on eyeglasses when you have insurance. I like working at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. I have a couple of friends that work there too. I’m usually scheduled with at least one person that I can have fun with and that makes the day go much faster. I have been working every single Saturday and Sunday since I started working at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. It’s been almost a year. When I was hired to work in the dispensary, I knew that I was hired to work on the weekends. I didn’t bother asking for any time off. If my friends wanted to make plans, I made sure that we did those things on weekdays when I would be off work. I gave a lot of my heart and soul to that company. I asked my boss for one weekend off and she had a hissy fit. I’ve been there almost a year and she acted like I was asking her to give me her firstborn child. After 50 weeks of working every Saturday and Sunday, I think I deserve one weekend of rest and relaxation at the beach with my family and friends. It’s honestly not a lot to ask. The manager behaved poorly and she still ended up giving me Saturday and Sunday off.



Orange kush