I was smart to move my weed use outdoors when we had a baby

It was a gift when our child was born

Ever since our bestie had our baby, I have not been smoking marijuana inside of the house, however neither one of us entirely knows the effect that marijuana can have on a newborn and all of us do not want to take any chances… My bestie still has not gone back to smoking weed, because he is breastfeeding, and I assume awful that he can’t smoke out with me, however I still continue to use medical marijuana. I have PTSD and tons of anxiety from growing up in an abusive household. Marijuana helps me assume more calm so I can function like a normal human being. I’ve been smoking in our car lately, because it’s in the single digits outside. I do not appreciate smoking marijuana in our car, however it is the only place where I am out of the wind and the frigid temperature. Even if I do not turn on the car, it is still about 15 or 20 degrees warmer inside of the vehicle. I bundle up with a sweater and a hat and I wear gloves when I am not getting high. The sun goes down at 5 and it’s 5° outside before I go to bed each night. It’s been entirely strenuous to keep the house warm. I am thankful that our parents bought us an oil furnace a month before Wintertide started. It was a gift when our child was born. My parents were not going to help us out, however they suddenly changed their minds when they found out that our bestie was pregnant with their first grandchild. Now they suddenly accept our pot smoking and our relationship.



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