Medical cannabis movie festival on the lawn

My friends and I got the idea for a Stoner Movie Festival near the end of the COVID quarantine.

At the time we had been cooped up for a while with no social interaction, and we want to welcome society back with a bang! Late one night, while very stoned and a little drunk, we started kicking around ideas for a movie festival that would only show movies about cannabis.

It would be held outdoors, so that everyone present could smoke medical cannabis as they enjoyed the movies without violating any indoor smoking laws. We set up a digital projector in the yard, with a huge white screen tied up between two palm trees, then set up a table for all the different kinds of medical cannabis we would have. It was advertised as a “BYOMC” or “bring your own medical cannabis” but we wanted to have some extra supplies on hand. In a stroke of luck, the owner of the local cannabis dispensary gave us a box of free samples to hand out, along with fliers for the business. This was perfect, because we ended up with a whole punchbowl filled with various cannabis gummies and edibles. We had almost a hundred people show up, and we all sat on blankets on the lawn, smoking medical cannabis, eating gummies, and enjoying some amazing films. We were out on the lawn until after 2am before the last visitors went home, and at that point we had eaten all the cannabis gummies and smoked all the weed. I’d call it a rousing success.

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