The canoe tipped over & I lost a half ounce of sticky icky

I was so happy for the weekend canoe trip.

My buddies & I planned that trip for weeks.

The people I was with and I were going to canoe all the way down the river from the northern point to the southern point. The track is a 33 miles adventure & one of our longest canoe trips ever to date! Jack left his car at the southern end & we took our truck & all of the Boating unit to the Northern end of the river. The people I was with and I had a cooler with drinks & supplies & we also had our tent & a couple of sleeping bags. The people I was with and I didn’t have a lot of supplies, however we legitimately had enough to get us through the more than two-day trip. One of the most pressing supplies for the trip was recreational marijuana. I was in charge of the recreational marijuana, because the dispensary is 2 blocks from our studio apartment. The men gave myself and others currency the evening before the trip & I stopped at the dispensary in the morning to option up all of our supplies. I bought a half ounce of Blue Dream top shelf flower. I knew it would be perfect for the crap, because the sativa strain makes myself and others believe energetic & ready to get labor done, however blue Dream is legitimately one of our favorite sativa strains. Seeing the half ounce of top-shelf flower on sale convinced myself and others to spend our currency on the expensive product. I was pretty upset when our friends & I tipped over the canoe & all of our marijuana went into the water. I was rolling a joint at the time & I I told the men to keep the boat still. They didn’t see the big alligator swimming under the water. When it tipped over our canoe, I lost the marijuana.

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