The driver arrived without any lights on the car

My son has been living with me for the past 4 months.

He broke up with his girlfriend and he needed a place to stay.

I have never minded if the kids need a place to come home to. Their bedrooms are still exactly the way that they left them. My husband and I never use the upstairs. It’s nice to actually have a reason to run the air conditioner. My son did not tell my husband and I that he was using recreational marijuana. It’s perfectly legal here, but my husband and I do not want marijuana in our home. We told our son that he could use marijuana with his friends, but we didn’t want it anywhere near the house. A couple of nights ago, my husband and I were really freaked out. A car came halfway up the driveway around 10 p.m. The car was moving very slowly. At first, I thought the car was going to turn around. It looked like the driver could be lost. Then the driver turned off the lights to the car and continued coming up the driveway. I woke up my husband when I saw this happening. We watch the car slowly approach that house. My husband grabbed a bat from the closet and walked downstairs. Our son was standing outside of the garage. My husband found out that our son ordered marijuana from a delivery service. He did not want to get caught ordering marijuana from their delivery service, so he told the driver to turn off his lights when he got close to the house.



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