The medical weed stores in my state have to submit their products to lab testing

It’s a relief knowing that all of the medications you get from the pharmacy are lab tested before being bottled to make sure they’re safe for consumption.

Can you imagine a pregnant mother unknowingly taking a drug with residual chemical solvents inside that are left over from the manufacturing process? It would be a massive scandal, that’s for sure. That’s in part why the FDA exists in the first place, otherwise you’d be dealing with a Wild West market like over the counter supplements. Some don’t realize they could be taking a supplement that mimics an illegal drug in everything but its exact molecular structure. In those situations, you could be exposing yourself to a substance that might have unknown deleterious effects on the human body or mind. Marijuana and cannabis products at medical dispensaries in this state must also go through a process of lab testing to prove their purity for human consumption. Most of these companies have a place on their websites where you can look up the lab reports for each product that you purchase. This isn’t just to assuage any concerns that the customer could have, but also so that they can see exactly what kind of terpenes are present. These terpenes profiles and ratios can give you an idea of whether the strain will be stimulating or sedating, and how potent you can expect it to be. I’m thankful that our state laws force cannabis companies to submit all of their products to stringent lab testing, because there are some states where this isn’t required.

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