The waking hours are a constant nightmare

Stepping into that cannabis dispensary opened my eyes to a whole new world

I hope that no one reading this will ever take a good evening’s sleep for granted, those of us with sleep complications, the waking hours can be a constant nightmare, I have battled with sleep my whole life, and have been prescribed every type of pill available to treat it, none of the pills worked, and in some cases they even made the issue worse! It was only when I was eighteen that my doctor asked me if I was open to trying medical cannabis. She had wanted me to try using medical cannabis for some time now, but my parents strictly forbade it. Now that I was 18 I could make my own decision, and I opted to take a prescription for medical cannabis down to the dispensary. Stepping into that cannabis dispensary opened my eyes to a whole new world. I still lived with my parents at the time, so I knew that smoking medical cannabis would just cause an argument. Thankfully, the cannabis dispensary had hundreds of smokeless alternatives, more than I ever knew existed, and granted I was young and naive, but things like cannabis infused candy and cannabis drinks were completely new concepts to me! I bought a package of cannabis gummies, just to try them out, and ate 3 as soon as I got home. The next afternoon I read the packaging and saw that the requested dosage for the cannabis gummies was just one piece! No wonder they knocked me out so hard! From then on, I would take one or 2 cannabis gummies a evening, right before bed, and it worked wonders.