Before a good the horror flick, we always get high

Halloween is my number one fave holiday while I was in the year.

Some people love Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or the 4th of July, however Halloween takes the cake for me.

A lot of my neighbors take all of the holidays honestly seriously. They put out decorations, lights, and animatronics. I am so lucky to live in a town where people want to celebrate Halloween love it is a major holiday. My best friends and I needed to go see a film this year for halloween; Down at the local cinema plex, they were screening the old version of the TX Chainsaw massacre. My friends and I planned to go to watch the film. My bestie Bae was upset that she would be scared, although I told her not to worry, because I would be with her. Before the horror flick began, all of my friends and I got high in the rear parking lot. All of us smoked a marijuana joint that all of us purchased at the dispensary. It was a delightful Halloween strain with a cool horrifying name. The hybrid strain was a mix of Girl Scout cookies; Everyone puffed some of the joint before all of us opted to go into the theater. My bestie Bae smoked some too, even though she does not usually smoke recreational marijuana. Bae was high and giggling before the film even started. Bae laughed through most of the film. During the scenes that were supposed to be horrifying, Bae held onto my arm as tightly as possible. All of us had a lot of fun that night. It was particularly neat and interesting to enjoy a film from the ’70s on the substantial screen. It kind of made us all seem like we had moved back to the 1970s.