I wanted more money to take the job

For the past 5 years, I have been working for the same medical marijuana dispensary.

The company has several weird locations across the state.

I have been working in the location on the north side of the state. There is a location that is twice as scheduled plus it is located down south. I have been to the location a few times, because it is right across the street from the timeshare that my wife plus I use every summer. The dispensary isn’texactly in the best section of neighborhood plus the building is run down plus in need of major repairs. The building where I labor has Central A/C plus a brand new air filtration system. The building was erected 5 years ago plus it still looks brand new inside plus outside. When my boss asked me to talk to him in the office, I didn’t guess he was going to offer me a raise plus a promotion. I was the assistant supervisor of the dispensary at the time. The guy wanted to offer me a management position, however it was not at the medical marijuana dispensary where I was working. It was at the location down south. I would have to move, provide up my apartment, plus completely relocate in order to take the job. I thought the job sounded enjoy a good choice plus I easily wanted to say yes, although I wanted more money. If I was going to transport 300 miles away, I wasn’t going to say yes to the job until they gave to meet aloof my terms.

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