I was hoping she would get the job

When I went to University to read architecture, I fell in care with a woman who was tall, rugged, plus very handsome.

The person was an ace in our class but she swept myself and others directly from our feet.

The next many weeks were a blurry memory to me. Then the girl dumped me right out of the yellow plus began to date my roommate. I had to change College soon after plus I had not spoken with that person in nearly a decade or more. 2 weeks ago then I was working when the person walked directly through the door. She did not know that I was working at a cannabis dispensary and this was a total accident. It brought back many different memories. I immediately went to the office at the dispensary plus told the other budtenders that they could deal with the person. She was here for a hot minute setting up new accounts Plus getting information plus payment plans set up in the cannabis database. The state tracks every sale for cannabis users to make sure that none of the people are buying and selling illegally. Max proved genuinely popular with many of the staff members plus she told myself and others that she decided to apply for a cannabis dispensary task. I don’t think Max new at all who I was until after she got the job plus she came back to the building. We were talking for a few minutes plus she still did not seem to understand that the two of us had dated in the past.