I watched a documentary discussing the dangers of marijuana

My friends and I were working on a project for school and we came across an old documentary about the dangers of using marijuana.

We thought it might be fun to watch the documentary.

It was Jack’s idea to get high. It was a terribly ironic way to watch the documentary, but it made sense. The documentary was found at least 40 years ago. Back then, people thought that marijuana was a drug. The film documentary crew was trying to show us the dangers of the drug, but now recreational and medical marijuana are both legal in a third of the country. Recreational and medical marijuana are legal in the state where my friends and I live. We got high while we watched the documentary. I found some of the information to be credible, but some of the information in the documentary seems like it was total lies. People were seriously misinformed 40 years ago and it shows by the attitude that people had regarding marijuana use. My parents went berserk when they found out that I was using recreational marijuana. They tried to tell me that it was going to fry my brain. My mom and dad were worried that I would turn into a lazy bum that would end up sleeping on the basement couch. Now I am a senior in college and I am about to graduate with honors and smoking marijuana has absolutely nothing to do with my present or future success. Weed just makes me feel relaxed and a little bit more carefree. I need that when I’m about to leave college and join the real world.

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