It’s almost time for my trip to the cannabis cafe

I swear, I could enjoy the coffee at the cannabis cafe every single day of the week and twice on Sundays.

It’s easily the best coffee in town.

But there is more to the cannabis cafe than just the coffee. I was so curious when the owners of the local cannabis spot took over what was a failed coffee shop. There were all sorts of rumors about what it was going to be. I even queried the staff at the cannabis dispensary but they were mum about the project. Little by little, you could see the changes that were being made at what would end up being the cannabis cafe. The owners of the marijuana business took their time though. They wanted everything to be just right. From the hybrid strains used in the pot brownies to the sourcing of that insanely good coffee, they got the details right. Now only is it the best coffee in town but it also happens to be such a great spot. There are table outside where you can catch some sun or grab a table in the shade of a big oak tree. Inside is so inviting, warm and the feel of the place is as delicious as the cannabis edibles they make onsite. I love going to the cannabis cafe and would love to imbibe in the yummy edibles every single day if that were possible. But at this stage in my life, I have to get to work as well. So I get so excited when the weekend comes and I get to start my saturday with good friends, great coffee and the best marijuana edibles I’ve ever experienced.

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