Sativas are best to use during the day

All medical cannabis comes from the cannabis sativa plant.

There are two main strains of cannabis sativa.

One of those strains are called sativas. Most of the sativas are tall, slender trees and plants that have skinny and long leaves. Some of the most famous sativa strains include Jack Herer, blue dream, and Super Lemon haze. Sour Diesel is also another favorite of mine. Indica strains look different from sativas. The leaves of the plants are thicker and broader and the trees or plants themselves are shorter and more round. Some of the more well-known Indica strains include OG Kush, papaya, Skywalker og, and 9 lb hammer. Both types of strains are important and it is good to know the difference. In the morning, I prefer to use a sativa. Blue dream is probably my favorite one of the sativas. It relieves pain and makes me feel less anxiety and stress. It does not make me feel tired, so I still have plenty of energy to go to work or enjoy my day off. Indica strains are much different. Indicas usually make me feel tired and sleepy. I would not choose an Indica to use during the day unless I was planning to take a nap. I know how my body will react to an indica and it makes me sleepy every single time. Hybrids can be a nice mix between the sativas and the indicas. Some of the best hybrids include GG4, Girl Scout cookies, and Do-si-dos. No matter what type of marijuana strain you choose, going to a dispensary will ensure getting the absolute best product available.

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