Social anxiety eased thanks to cannabis edibles

It’s so weird what we call medicine and what we don’t.

If it’s a pill or a series of pills given to me by a doctor, that’s okay.

But if it’s a weed that grows naturally and has a literal millennial history of healing, that’s not medicine. It boggles the mind and has so since I was like a junior in college. That was also the time when I first was introduced to recreational marijuana. I just couldn’t understand how in the world why I couldn’t just grow so naturally that it’s referred to as weed. The logic escaped me for sure. So to go from that to being able nearly have cannabis products on demand is a big leap. I mean, the local cannabis spot now even offers a marijuana delivery service. Can you believe that? I still can’t get over just walking in to a building where there is legal marijuana for sale. The days of questionable THC or all the shady parts of acquiring cannabis products are over. When there was medical marijuana legalized more than 25 years ago, I knew there was hope that we’d get legal weed across the nation. It still hasn’t happened yet. But there sure are more states in the union where I can walk into a cannabis dispensary than there aren’t. That’s more progress really than I had expected. And it seems now, we are at the threshold of a great big tipping point. If the last election cycle is any indication, either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana will be available in an ever growing number of states. The cannabis products industry is here to stay and there is just no denying it. And I can’t wipe the smile off my face.



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