The benefits of cannabis seem almost unlimited to a fan like myself

I went through a lot of changes in life between the end of high school and the end of college.

In high school I thought life had already started and that I was moving onto the next venture in life.

Whereas by early college, it felt like life was only just now starting to begin for me. This was after a leap forward that seemed like a paradigm shift in my own thinking and perspective on my place in the world. I wasn’t just thinking about what I wanted to take from the world, but also what I could possibly give back some day because of the crucial importance I saw placed on things as critical as life and death. I can’t help but think my cannabis use had some sort of correlation with the general change in my thinking during my early 20s. Cannabis wasn’t just helping my depression and anxiety, but it was leading to mind expansion as well. I tend to consider high THC cannabis products to be like mild psychedelics, but that’s just one way of approaching the plant. There are also high CBD products that lack many of the psychoactive properties of the high THC products. Those help all sorts of people with ailments that need something that is more focused on pain relief and physical sensations instead of mental and psychological ones. On top of that, some cannabinoids are being found to possess antioxidant and immune boosting properties, giving cannabis a slew of medical applications that vary widely across the board. For people like myself who already love cannabis, the benefits seem literally endless.

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