The dispensary was so cool!

I chugged the bottle of wine before the concert

My wife Bess and I went to the town to see a show. It was a long drive to the city, so all of us decided it would be better to stay in town overnight. It was much easier than trying to drive house after spending all day working and then all night at the show. I selected a hotel for us that was close to the address of the show. After Bess checked into our room, all of us realized that all of us were right across the street from a neat little marijuana dispensary. I observed the dispensary first. I mentioned that it might be fun to get blazed before the show. Bess rolled her eyep and didn’t say anything else about my suggestion. Bess hopped into the shower and she was in there for several minutes. When Bess came out of the shower, she surprised myself and others with her suggestion to call the dispensary to place a small order. She told myself and others to look online to see what products they have available. The medical cannabis dispensary offered delivery services, however all of us were so close that Bess decided to walk across the street to check out the place. It was the first time that Bess and I had ever stepped foot in a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. The experience was so much fun. I was amazed by the selection of cannabis products that the company had available on sale. They had marijuana flower, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and even a huge refrigerator filled with cannabis infused beverages. I purchased a bottle of wine that was infused with CBD and THC . I chugged the bottle of wine before the concert. After 30 or 40 minutes, I started to guess the effects of the THC and cbd. I was so high by the time Bess and I entered the place to see the show.
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