The driver returned to the store

I always have numerous delivery drivers working at all times while I was in the day.

The cannabis shop is officially slammed with weed deliveries.

I would guess that 50% of our company is delivery sales. The cannabis shop has been offering delivery services for the past year. Sales increased by thirty percent or more after all of us started to offer delivery services. Our delivery zone is quite large. My store covers the entire County from north to south and east to west. When drivers leave the cannabis store, they always have several different cannabis orders with them. The drivers have to be safe and cautious when moving marijuana products and heaps of cash. All of us only accept cash for marijuana sales. Occasionally a driver has several hundreds of dollars on them at one time; Last weekend one of my drivers returned to the store before finishing all of his orders. That driver told myself and others that he was being followed by someone in a station wagon. The driver observed the same station wagon at several different deliveries. The guy was getting panicked that someone was going to try to rob him, so he returned to the store with a fat stack of money. The station wagon followed the driver all the way to the edge of town where my cannabis shop is located. When the driver pulled into the parking lot, the station wagon took off and sped away. It’s tough to tell if the driver of the car had something terrible planned, however I am very glad that the driver returned to the store before something terrible occurred. It pays to be safe.


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