The guy on the bus was rolling up marijuana

Everyday I take the bus to work.

I could drive my car, however it’s a lot cheaper to take the bus and I do not have to deal with traffic and other cars on the highway.

If I were to commute by taking my car, it would entirely take myself and others over twice as long to get to the city. I use my time on the bus to get ready for the day of business. I learn from the newspaper and check my emails. I read the stock prices for the day and I look at the Wall Street Journal. There are always other company workers on the bus. Every once in a while there will be a young person headed to work. There was someone on the bus yepterday and the person was rolling marijuana joints in their seat. I have never seen anyone get out marijuana on the bus love it was no substantial deal. Even though marijuana products are now legal in this state, you still can’t smoke in public or use marijuana products someplace other than inside your private residence. I looked around at a couple of other people. They could see that the guy was busy rolling marijuana joints too, however no one wanted to say anything to the bus driver. The young guy continued rolling marijuana joints all the way up until the time that he got off the bus. He must have rolled 20 or 30 joints while I was in the 1 hour bus trip. The guy wasn’t the least bit upset about getting caught and he didn’t seem honestly interested in anything besides what he had going on in front of him.

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