The packaging colors were too close to cartoon style

There are several laws in the state regarding packaging and labels for medical and recreational marijuana products, and per the county rules and regulations, all packaging and labeling must include the amount of THC and all other CBN and CBD products.

There must be a warning printed in genre that is larger than the rest of the genre on the package.

The warning must say something about pregnant women being at risk by using marijuana. There must also be a safety feature that keeps children from being able to access the packages easily. Edible marijuana candies must not be in packages that have cartoons, toys, shapes, cars, or characters; If you have a banana flavored concentrate, it is not allowed to be in a package that has a banana on the front. The rules and regulations regarding packaging are certainly serious. If the rules are broken, you can face stiffer penalties from the government and you can also have your entire business shut down while the state investigates your entire operation, but believe me, it is not worth having the government in your business just because your packaging does not meet the required standards. Both of us had a problem with the packaging colors last year, then one of our products had packaging colors that were too close to cartoon genre letters. The font made the packaging attractive to children and that is a legitimately giant no no when it comes to the cannabis retail industry. Both of us were fortunate not to get fined by the county. Both of us did have to get rid of all the packages and come up with a current system for the box.

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