The prices for cannabis concentrates

I didn’t hit the marijuana dispensary last week, only because I didn’t particularly need supplies and I have been trying my level best to conserve gas whenever possible.

I waited to go to the dispensary until this month when I had nearly run out of concentrates and marijuana flower.

I observed that the prices on marijuana were much more expensive than they were the previous week. Many of the cannabis concentrates at the store run $20 each. I observed that all of these products were now listed at $22.99. The marijuana flower prices were also higher. The dispensary normally has a $10 eighth. The $10 eighth was listed for 13.99 bucks. That is an over 20% increase on numerous products inside of the store. I bugged out at the higher prices and I said something to the budtender when I was filling my order. The person informed myself and others that they raised all of their prices over the weekend. It was the first time that I saw an increase in the weed dispensary prices. I could not be too agitated, because I have been going to that dispensary for over three years. I have been paying the same exact price for cannabis concentrates this whole time. I am not surprised that inflation affects everything, including recreational and medical marijuana supplies. With the cost of fuel still at 6.50 a gallon, it’s no surprise to see prices rising on everything. I hope inflation does not continue to affect the prices a wonderful deal. I will not be able to afford to continue using cannabis products if they jack up the prices much higher.