CBD producers flocked to the internet to sell their products

Whenever a new industry becomes legal, people looking to make a quick dollar flock to the market in an attempt to compete.

This happened a few years ago when my home state decided to legalize sports betting and gambling.

I’m largely disinterested and neutral on the issue, as I don’t condone or condemn gambling, it’s just not something I enjoy doing even if I was traveling to Vegas for work reasons. I’d much rather spend time in bars, restaurants, or concert halls. Gambling just doesn’t have any appeal to me. But sports betting and gambling are not the only examples of new industries that spur people to jump in with the hopes of making it big. Everyone and their brother tried to start selling CBD when it became further legalized at the federal level with the 2018 Farm Bill. While it still allows states to determine their own legality for legally sourced hemp and CBD, it also opened the pathway for a thriving legal CBD market that you can find in chain grocery stores and pharmacies of all kinds. Many people flocked to the internet in an effort to sell CBD products and become the next big hemp company. Because quality wins out in the long run, a lot of these CBD companies have struggled to stay alive in the current market. You can’t assume that you’ll automatically be successful selling CBD just because the market is booming in other places and locations. I saw some people invest large sums of money into selling CBD only to fail in the long run. Those of us who use hemp regularly don’t want to buy subpar products when quality isn’t too expensive to begin with.


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