I don’t chill without my green

Whenever it’s time for a getaway to the beach, I have a plan to prepare for it.

I try to make it out there at least every few weeks or so, although it’s getting harder these days with the economy currently being in such a bad state.

Since I go so often, I have streamlined our travel process, so I always have everything I possibly need for the weekend, and once I’m finally at the beachside lodge I don’t want to go into the nearby neighborhood for anything. I bring bottled water, plenty of food, a few bottles of wine, maybe half a carton of smokes, & as much cannabis as I can get our hands on. I also try to make sure to have more than 2 lighters on hand, because what good is a whole pocket full of cannabis with no way to light it? I don’t know how you personally pack your cannabis before a long trip, however I am particularly unique in my actions with our process. There are a lot of backwoods places where the local cops sincerely like to crack down on outsiders in possession of marijuana or other illegal substances. I am overly cautious to keep myself safe from these kinds of cops. You might actually say “if you want to be safe don’t bring any cannabis” & I would tell you that you’re totally crazy. What kind of vacation would it be without cannabis? What I do now is seal our cannabis in a small Tupperware container, & then bury that basket right in the middle of a can of coffee. The best drug sniffing pets in the world couldn’t possibly find cannabis in our luggage!



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