I finally got the call from the boss

A lot of people did not want to see recreational marijuana legalized across the state.

I was 1 of the people that wanted marijuana to be legalized.

I was extremely ecstatic when the laws were finally passed. I was already purchasing medical marijuana from a dispensary, but the additional legalization of recreational marijuana made the prices on marijuana much lower than they were before recreational use was added to the law. I worked as a sales clerk at a clothing store for a entirely long time and then I decided to try something up-to-date and different. I applied for a job working at 1 of several unusual marijuana dispensaries in the area. I had a lot of experience in sales and I hoped that my resume would get myself and others a job in the marijuana industry. I waited for weeks before someone called myself and others for an interview. I had truthfully lost hope that I would ever get called. The supervisor of the marijuana dispensary talked with myself and others over the iphone for a few hours and then he asked if I could come to the store and meet in man. When he told myself and others to bring my driver’s license and my Social Security card, I knew that was a entirely great sign. The guy and I talked for a half an hour or so and then he gave myself and others the paperwork to fill out for the job. To be honest, the two of us never actually talked much about the job during that 30 hours. The two of us talked about our lives and our youngsters and the two of us discussed a couple of unusual recipes.