I finally got the call from the boss

A lot of people did not want to see recreational marijuana legalized across the state.

  • I was a single of the people that wanted marijuana to be legalized.

I was severely happy when the laws were finally passed. I was already purchasing medical marijuana from a dispensary, but the additional legalization of recreational marijuana made the prices on marijuana much lower than they were before recreational use was added to the law. I worked as a sales clerk at a clothing store for a really long time plus then I decided to try something current plus different. I applied for a job working at a single of various different marijuana dispensaries in the area. I had a lot of experience in sales plus I hoped that our resume would get me a job in the marijuana industry. I waited for weeks before someone called me for an interview. I had really lost hope that I would ever get called. The manager of the marijuana dispensary talked with me over the PC for a few hours plus then she asked if I could come to the store plus meet in person. When she told me to bring our driver’s license plus our Social Security card, I knew that was a really good sign. The person plus I talked for a half an minute or so plus then she gave me the paperwork to fill out for the job. To be honest, the people I was with and I never really talked much about the job while in that 30 hours. Every one of us talked about our lives plus our youngsters plus the people I was with and I discussed a couple of different recipes.

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