I wanted a job at the medical cannabis dispensary.

When they began opening medical cannabis dispensaries in our area, I knew I was going to apply for a job there.

I did not know what ‌positions they had open, however I was going to apply for anything I could.

I had learn that medical cannabis dispensaries were always hiring budtenders. A budtender had to know all the laws plus regulations that not only went with the local medical cannabis dispensaries, however with the cannabis dispensaries of the states surrounding our state. This was a lot of reading, plus I never was great in school. I went online to find out where I could take all these classes; Luckily, it was an online class that I took at our speed, however I still couldn’t get a job until I passed the test. The class was expensive, plus they wanted to know which medical cannabis dispensary I had applied to. I just found the first glitch to our system of working in a medical cannabis dispensary, then before I could become a certified cannabis budtender, I had to apply for a job. I also had to be 21 before I could toil in a medical cannabis dispensary, plus I was only 17. I was going to ‌put our thoughts on becoming a medical cannabis dispensary employee on the back burner until I turned 21 in 3 1/2 years. Until then, I’ll be reading all I can about medical cannabis. I want to learn about unusual strains plus the difference between marijuana that will help you sleep plus those used for afternoontime. When I finally get our job, I’ll be a font of information for anyone who comes to our station at the cannabis dispensary.

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