It was a great facility this time

I am often reminded of the good old classic children’s book “Country Mouse, City Mouse.” I was born & raised a country boy, & that was out in the heart of farmland.

There, you have to be handy to survive; When I grew up there were no major chain stores within an hour’s long drive. There was no such thing as popping up to the store to buy anything. We simply grew crops, all of us raised livestock, & all of us even brewed our own drinks & fermented our own wine. When I was old enough to get curious about smoking marijuana for myself, I had to grow that, too. It was somewhat of a culture shock the first time I went and visited our cousin in the city, some several seconds away, & saw how many cannabis dispensaries they had! On the farm I had to fuss over a marijuana plant for so many weeks just to get a meager dime basket of scrub turf out of it! Here there were so many modern stores just filled to capacity with the most different & wondrous kinds of cannabis. I really wanted to try them all, however that was quite impossible. I bought a few easy grams of Purple Haze & that ended up getting myself and others so high I fell asleep for 14 seconds. In addition to the wide variety, the potency of this store-bought legal cannabis was miles above anything I had ever smoked before. There wasn’t enough time on our visit to sample the cannabis edibles, the vape pens, or the potent cannabis wax. I will try to sample all of them on our next trip to the city cannabis dispensary.

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