It’s time for a little break

I had the strangest experience recently when I took a few days off from getting high & ended up enjoying myself! This has never actually happened before, mostly because I never go anywhere I can’t get stoned at our whim.

I was supposed to meet the rest of our family at a rental lodge on the beach for just a few days, however even though it was a 500 mile drive, I took the car just so I could bring all our stuff with me.

I made sure to pack just enough cannabis to stay nice & toasty for the entire trip. The complication came when I got suddenly clocked at a speed trap along the way, so I hurriedly ditched our entire sack of cannabis immediately before the cops could pull myself and others over! My car reeked of marijuana, so I knew as soon as a cop came to the window she would demand to search the car right then. That happened, however since there was no cannabis left in the car they couldn’t do anything to me however give myself and others a speeding ticket. It was worth ditching the bag of cannabis to avoid jail time, however that also left myself and others weedless for the entire remainder of the trip! After being pissed off for a few hours, I started to relax & appreciate the tranquil experience. By day 2 I didn’t miss cannabis at all! It’s difficult to be upset at the base of a mighty waterfall, so it turns out I didn’t need cannabis to have a great time after all. It felt pretty good to clear out our plan a little bit.


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